Optimist Meeting 9-21-17

September 21, 2017

Our new president, Don Crawford, has jumped into the presidency a few weeks early.  President Crawford always wanting to share a bit of history…told of our Optimist Creed was originally a poem penned in 1912 and then taken on as the creed in 1922.

We kicked off the meeting with a new member swearing in. Tom Catlin, sponsored by Past Pres. Mark Blumenthal (right) and inducted by Past Pres. Irish Flynn (left).

Our new president also stepped in and was our guest speaker again to bring us up to date on the SEALS during the Vietnam War.

Installation Dinner 9-18-17

September 19, 2017

On Monday at Spiros we had our annual Installation of the new board with President Crawford and release of the old board with President Zoll.  Molly and Renee did a marvelous job setting up our party…food was delightful, and the company was superb.  Matt Heinecke was a great addition to the evening of friendship and lovely sunset on the San Diego Bay.  Again mission accomplished by Zoll and welcome Don and his team. Looking forward to another great year of Optimism.


The results for all Optimist Sports Fiesta events have been posted.


Jack Schiaffino, accompanied by his parents, came to share his completed Eagle Scout project at NASNI.  He thanked the Optimist Club of Coronado for helping him with expenses of the project.  Congratulations, Jack, on a job well done!



Weekly Meeting 8-3-17

August 4, 2017

Optimist member, Irish Flynn, introduced his friend, author Betsy Jordan, who shared excerpts from her book, Going the Distance.  A book of love, struggles and laughter as she navigated her life as a care giver to her husband, Judge Peter Riddle.

Peter was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia a progressive neuro-degenerative disease.  Betsy said if not for family and friends who gave her breaks by caring for Pete…she might herself have not navigated this life experience so well.  As quoted on the back of her book, “….a love letter to my fellow caregivers.”

For many of the long time Optimists, Pete and Betsy are two of longest and devoted supporters of our Sports Fiesta events each year.  We thank Betsy for sharing her experiences so honestly with us.

Marya Ahmad (right) from the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve was our guest speaker this morning.  Marya told us about the wonderful programs they have for folks of every age. You can find out all about what goes on at their beautiful website www.trnerr.org


March 2, 2017

Jim and Sally Zoll

Sally Zoll was on handy to receive a check for the Everybody a Reader program. On the left that’s Sally, the check for $500, and her husband, Jim, who is also the President of the Optimist Club of Coronado.

JOOI news–on March 10 the young folk will honor Dr Seuss and reading for everyone. We can help by baking brownies or cookies or other sweet delights from grandma’s cookbook. Get them to Jennifer and she will get them wrapped.

Also JOOI is going to send the kids to muck out stables in a working farm in City Heights.
Don’t forget – the Optimist Oratorical Contest is on March 22!



Pictured: Cynthia Kosciuczyk, Coronado Hospital’s Chris Walker, Optimist President Jim Zoll.
Chief Nursing Officer Chris Walker has been working for Sharp Hospital for 17 years and has been in Coronado for the last 15 months.
Coronado’s hospital opened in 1970 and has had many changes over the last 47 years with many more to come.  The Sharp Planetree mission is more humanistic approach to health care.
You can stop in for a tasty and healthy meal with their own food grown in their organic garden.  Or perhaps you would like to stay with you family member over night for comfort and support…a couch converts into a bed, or do you want to book your emergency department appointment.. just go online. Each morning patients receive a hot aroma towel to start the day with healing. 
Come stop in and see all the changes as well as the current valet and more convenient entrance to the hospital.


New Member Johnny Perez

February 23, 2017

The Optimist Club of Coronado welcomed a new member into our club.  Johnny Perez was a guest speaker and apparently liked what he saw, so he came back and decided to join!  Welcome to the club, Johnny!!!

Cynthia Kosciuczyk, new member Johnny Perez, Irish Flynn inducting.


Coronado Historical Society Executive Director Janet Francis was this week’s guest speaker.

Brad Gerbel (left) introduced Katelynn Estrada and Janet Francis of CHA. President Jim Zoll on right.

Janet shared so much about Coronado’s lovely history and how the historical society is party of keeping records and sharing with the community. The city has had many changes …that have impacted life in Coronado and all preserved at the museum…the bridge, Hotel Del Coronado, tent city, train, and of course the military. The names synonymous with Coronado: Spreckels, Babcock and Story all creating the rich history of this little resort community.
CHA moved into the Marcos/Tent City building in 1999.  The museum is supported by the city and as part of that support and mission is their continuing “enhancing the essence of Coronado’s history.” The museum maintains a professional archive of many artifacts  from Coronado’s past.
Our own Optimist member, Katelynn Estrada, who also works at CHA handling membership and education, invited all to attend the museum’s Wine and Lecture series at the museum as well as going into all 3rd grade classrooms to teach the kids about Coronado History.