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Your 2015 Optimists……

by admin on September 7, 2015

2015 optimist photo


Go Play, Get Fit!

by admin on July 8, 2015

This happy group of Optimists supported the Go Play, Get Fit event sponsored by the Greater San Diego Area Recreation and Parks’ Coalition for Health and Wellness.  More than 900 children from 10 cities across San Diego County attended the event at Tidelands Park.  The Optimists manned the “Candyland” game where children made their way through the board game by running, jumping, squatting, skipping, and lunging!  And it wasn’t just the kids who got a workout.  :)



Optimists, school administrators, teachers, and parents recently celebrated youth appreciation awards given to students at Coronado High, CMS, Palm Academy, Coronado Pathways, Christ Church Day School, and Sacred Heart.  The awards are presented to one boy and one girl in each class who best exemplify those qualities expressed in the Optimist Creed. Concern for others, cheerfulness and doing your best in all phases of school life are but a few of the character traits of these outstanding students.  It was very inspiring to hear the stories shared by administrators and teachers.  Our future is in great hands.  Congrats to all the recipients!!!!

Sacred Heart Parish School Optimist Youth Awards Sacred Heart Parish School Award Winners

Coronado High Optimist Youth Award Winners Coronado High Youth Award Winners

Palm Academy and Coronado Pathway Award Winners Palm Academy and Coronado Pathway Winners

Christ Church Day School Winners                           Christ Church School Winners

CMS Youth Award Winners CMS Youth Award Winners

Optimist Scholarship Award Recipients Jordyn Kastlunger and August Sturm Scholarship Recipients Jordyn Kastlunger and August Sturm


Sports Fiesta

Thanks to all who participated in the Optimist Club of Coronado’s 44th annual Sports Fiesta on September 5, 2015.  We appreciate your support!  Results are posted under the Sports Fiesta tab.  Thanks to your participation  the Optimist Club will be able to fund many youth activities throughout our community.  Congratulations to all!

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Optimist Installation 2014Photo: (l-r) Outgoing President Mark Blumenthal receives ceremonial gavel from Incoming President Bruce Johnson

“Press on to greater achievements in the future”, part of the Optimist Creed, is particularly applicable to the Optimist Club of Coronado. This special club has been doing just that since its founding in 1970. The club is somewhat unique in the entire Optimist International organization. It has had a different member serve as president every year since its’ founding in 1970 – no repeats. To be asked is an honor; to serve is not only a lot of work, but is also personally satisfying. We wish President Bruce Johnson all the best as this remarkable club continues its outstanding service to the youth of Coronado.   This vibrant club, 148 members strong, wishes to publicly thank Mark Blumenthal for his leadership, energy, creativity and great sense of humor.

A capable Board of Directors assisting Bruce for the coming year are: Vice Presidents Mike Napolitano and John Watson, Directors Ken Ireland, Cynthia Kosciuczyk, Cote Perkins, Lynz Arendsee, Jim Zoll, Dennis Dorman, Secretary Clyde Arends, Treasurer Clint Coneway, President-Elect Diana Drummey, and Past President Mark Blumenthal. We thank them for their willingness to serve.

Coronado HS Navy Jr. NJROTC ‘Islander Company’ Receives Distinguished Unit Award for 7th Consecutive Year

Photo L-R  ROTC Cadets Angela Ahern Jacob Blauser Tess WoodsonPhoto: (L-R) ROTC Cadets Angela Ahern, Jacob Blauser, Tess Woodson

Captain Ken Ireland USN (Ret) spoke to the Optimist Club about the goals and accomplishments of Islander Company.   118 students are cadets in the program which focuses on developing leadership skills, academic excellence, physical fitness and teamwork. Three representatives of the unit, Cadets Angela Ahern, Jacob Blauser, and Tess Woodson, also spoke about the opportunities, enjoyment and satisfaction each has experienced as a cadet. Post high school military service in the military is not a focus of the program; however, some of the cadets do opt to enlist in the military or gain a commission. In the ten years the program has been at CHS many cadets have received service academy appointments or ROTC scholarships. Islander Company participates with Coronado Optimists in the strand clean-up. The Optimists salute the performance of this outstanding unit!

Optimist Youth Appreciation Award Winners for 2014 – May 1, 2014

Coronado High School

“A Joy to Have in Class!”   These words by CHS Assistant Principal Steve Abbot accurately describe each of the students who received these prestigious awards given annually by the Optimist Club of Coronado. The awards are presented to one boy and one girl in each class who best exemplify those qualities expressed in the Optimist Creed. Concern for others, cheerfulness and doing your best in all phases of school life are but a few of the character traits of these outstanding students. The Optimists salute them, their parents and teachers. You make Coronado proud!

Freshmen Kristofer Leslie and Siobhan HomanFreshmen: Kristofer Leslie & Siobhan Homan

Sophomores Lucas Darquea & Carson RicksSophomores Lucas Darquea & Carson Ricks

James Harbaugh and Jordyn KastlungerJuniors: James Harbaugh & Jordyn Kastlunger

Israel Dedina and Isabella CuellarSeniors Israel Dedina & Isabella Cuellar

Palm Academy

Principal Kevin Nichols spoke about the optimistic attributes of Frankie Slattery and Brooke Anns, the students nominated for the awards, with equal appreciation for what they brought to the class. Of particular note were the recent challenges faced by Frankie, who was injured in a bike-auto accident in Coronado. His fighting spirit has been instrumental in a recovery process that is proceeding well.  An unusual happening took place at the Optimist meeting – Frankie’s Fan Club came to also recognize him! They, along with Frankie’s mom, cheered loudly when Frankie received his award. It was a moment to remember.

Principal Kevin Nichols Award Winners Frankie Slattery & Brooke Anns and Counselor Afsaneh SafaiePrincipal Kevin Nichols, Award Winners Frankie Slattery & Brooke Anns, and Counselor Afsaneh Safaie

Frankies Fan ClubFrankie’s Fan Club!

Oratorical Contest 2014

Young and talented orators Eugenia Dominguez and Max Kunes were First Place Winners in the Optimist Oratorical Contest and will compete at the next level with the winners from four other Optimist Clubs in San Diego. The Second Place Winner was Samantha Russell; Third Place Winner was Natalya Gomez. The four winners are students at Sacred Heart Parrish School. Other students who competed were: Ariana Martin, Sofia Rubio, Ivana Letayf, Carolina Salome, Gabriella Ryan and Adelaide McCargill.

This year’s topic was, ‘How My Passions Impact the World’. Ten students accepted the challenge to participate and all the orators excelled in their prepared speeches. Each speech was between 4 and 5 minutes long and points were awarded for content, delivery, poise and overall effectiveness. It was evident that extensive preparation had been done by all the contestants. The three judges had a most difficult time because of the high quality of every speech given.

To follow one’s passion in life is one of the keys to not only happiness but also to making great contributions to fellow human beings in the process. The passions of which these fine students spoke included; helping others in need, education and teaching, leadership and public speaking, technology to help advance the human race, music and singing, photography, physical and mental health. The importance of striving, accepting challenges as opportunities as well as integrity, empathy, kindness and character were addressed in all the speeches. The parents and teachers in the room, hearing and witnessing the positive outlook of these outstanding students, were both proud and inspired.

The Optimists want to thank the students, parents and teachers who all participated in this wonderful event this year. These Coronado students are remarkable. We are privileged to have them in our community.

Burrowing Owl Eagle Scout Project Sponsored by Optimists

Uribe Eagle Scout

Photo:  Optimist Pres Ahern, Scout Rafael Uribe, Optimist Scout Coordinator Ted Krohne

Eagle Scout candidate Rafael Uribe recently described his outstanding project to the Optimists.

He became aware that endangered Burrowing Owl has a major need.  This particular owl is a cute little brown and white bird that burrows under the ground during the day.  Their burrows have been threatened, the number declining significantly in recent years.

Rafael obtained a design for an underground shelter along with a materials list.  It is a fascinating design using common building materials. It will be fun for the scouts to build.  Between 8 to 12 shelters are planned for installation at NAS North Island.

Projects like these are wholeheartedly supported by the Optimists because of their obvious merit, not only to those being served, but also for the positive growth experience of all the scouts involved in completing a project.